For your peace of mind

You hesitate to put your phone on mute ? Probably because you then forget to turn the ringer on !

And for other people!

Never miss an important call ! A simple click and Placid fixes it !


Click 60 minutes

The number of minutes is displayed.

Turn ringer off, voila…

The ringer returns by itself in 60 minutes.



  1. 1- Number of minutes : manual programming

    2- Preset number of minutes 

    3- Adding / removing timed ringer and vibration

    4- Immediate adding / removing of ringer and vibration

Minutes manuallys

Enter the number of minutes that your device will be silenced.
The number is append.

Minutes scheduled

Click the button that corresponds to the numbers of minutes or hours your device will be ignored.

    Sience and vibration

  1. Turns off the ringer and quits application
  2. Turns off the ringer and vibration and quits application


  1. Resets ringing to normal mode and clears minutes. Doesn’t quit the application.

Immediate control

  1. Information on the ringer mode
  2. Normal mode
  3. Switch off ringer
  4. Switch off ringer and vibration. Doesn’t quit the application.



Something that thinks for me, especially when I 'm stressed, thank you !

Marie F. Laberge(Montréal)

I no longer hesitate to switch off the ringer, ‘cause I forget no more !

Christian Lambert(Québec)